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Designing Blast Furnace Four Poster Structure – A Leap Forward by TCE

by Sanjoy Chowdhury, Sr General Manager TCE has developed the skill and capability of designing the massive Four poster structure for Blast furnace capacity of about 4500 m3. Design of Four poster structure hitherto a domain of the Blast furnace suppliers could successfully be accomplished and executed by TCE for multiple projects. TCE not only […]


Industrial process plants handling hydrocarbons and other fuels have experienced accidental explosions. Care is taken to minimize explosions in the plant design, however when such incidents occur; the consequences can be very severe involving loss of life, financial losses and effecting public safety. When a building in the plant is not located far enough from […]

Integration of renewable sources of electrical power with grid

By  S Jagadish, Priyanka P. Swain & S V S Prasad   The huge, ever growing demand for electrical energy has hitherto been primarily met through the combustion of fossil fuels, and conversion of heat liberated therefrom. The relentless exploitation of these non-renewable resources has raised questions regarding emission of greenhouse gases, particulate pollution, and […]

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) as a reliable tool for sustained operations

by Veena Ravishankar In today’s world, ensuring plant reliability & availability is the key to sustain industries. Good news is, informed plant owners / O&M contractors are therefore today commissioning FMEA based Single Point of Failure (SPoF) or gap analysis before they take over. FMEA is a systematic method for evaluating a process to identify […]


By: Suparna Ghosh, Suman Sen, Manos De Introduction Plant structures are designed and constructed to resist loads envisaged to be carried based on its function and local environmental conditions. Additional requirement for the desired durability of the various structural elements are determined based on the operating conditions like exposure to high temperatures, steam, chemical fumes, […]


Introduction   Handling and management of tailings from a process plant is always a tricky and sometimes neglected part of engineering and operation. The tailings in mineral and ore processing plants contain some quantity of useful minerals which can be recovered for use and in case of disposal of tailings containing waste products, prevention of spread […]

Captive Co-generation Plants: Selection of optimum configuration – Key to Success

By Anjan Bhattacharya Large process plants typically demand both power and process steam at multiple pressure levels. While power demand can be met by either in-house generation or from grid or in combination of both, process steam is generated in-house. Selecting the most optimum configuration to meet the process plants’ demand of generating in-house process steam […]

Unified Control System in Power Plant – TCE Approach for Implementation in Indian Context

By K Jayprakash & M Rukmini This methodology of Unified controls for a Power plant is conceived by the consultants and EPC contractor to reduce life cycle costs. Our approach is designed in such way to reduce the upfront engineering time also. The engineering is to be integrated from various Utility OEM inputs and practices. […]

Evaluation of dust deposition impacts on solar photo voltaic module

By Mr.AnbuPandian* &Dr. Kamal Bansal, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India Dr. D. John Thiruvadigal, Department of Physics and Nanotechnology, SRM University, Kattankulathur Campus, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India Dr. S. Sakthivel, Technology Group, TATA Consulting Engineers Limited, Mumbai, India Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) Modules is a prominent renewable energy source in Indian […]

Application of Novak’s Method for Design of low frequency rotating equipment foundation block on driven cast In Situ RCC piles in weak soil-A Case Study considering Site Specific Modifications

By Sanjoy Chowdhury & Shalini Roy Numbers of rotating machines having wide range of frequencies operate in a thermal power plant. These machines except the Turbo-Generator are mounted on reinforced concrete block foundations. Induced Draft (ID) Fan is a rotating machine which enables passage of flue from Electro static precipitator (ESP) to the Chimney and […]